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2023 Spring Newsletter

People ask what we do after the winter and there is no more hockey...we stare out the window and wait for Spring! 

With the warmer winter this year, the ice is melting quickly.  There are some areas on the Bay that still have a significant amount of ice, so let’s think sun to melt it fast!  Regardless, the much anticipated Spring Launch is near!

Just a reminder to please contact us at least two weeks in advance regarding your Spring Launch

GARBAGE & RECYCLING PROGRAM –  We have added a recycling component to our garbage program this season.  There are now three “bear safe” bins located near the ramp for your convenience.  The recycling bin will be marked.  With the rising cost of garbage collection we have raised the price to join the program to $175.00.

SAFETY CHECK – Each year we perform a safety check to ensure all the required safety gear is on board.   Flares expire every three years and if needed we will replace them and dispose of the old ones.  If you brought your safety gear home over the winter, please let us know to avoid replacement.  

MARINE ACCESSORIES & WATER TOYS - We will place our marine accessories catalog in your boat upon arrival.  If there are any supplies, water toys or other equipment you require, please call or email with your requests.  An e-catalog is also available on our website.    

PARKING –  Every dock slip includes one vehicle parking spot.   This pass is transferable to any vehicle.  If additional vehicles are arriving, please register for a parking pass.  Ensure all your guests are registered and park in our guest parking lot (on the hill behind the marine store).  If guests arrive after hours, a pass can be purchased in advance and left in our mail box for pick up.  We are tight on parking, so it is greatly appreciated to register.

You may also purchase an additional seasonal parking pass for a cost of $225.00 per year.

*** As a courtesy to all, PLEASE be slow and cautious driving through the marina, there are children, pets and equipment in unexpected places.

PAYMENT – we accept a number of forms of payment, cash, credit card, cheque or email money transfer to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Our preferred method of payment is e-transfer.  Over the summer months, if you would like to pay automatically via credit card, let us know.  The transaction will take place on the 15th.   Payment is required within 30 days. Overdue accounts will be charged 2.5% per month.

INSURANCE & EXTRA KEY –  The marina does not provide insurance on your vessel.  We require a copy of your annual insurance renewal.  In addition, please leave a second key for our key board.  Its handy to have a back up if you forget your keys (it happens more than you think!), you require fuel or require service on your boat.

CLEAN MARINE – We are proud partner in Boating Ontario’s Clean Marine Program.  We truly believe in the use of Environmental Practices in our daily activities and encourage all customers to use environmentally friendly products, perform regular maintenance, and minimize contaminants to the water and ground.  Please note that under no circumstances is gasoline to be transported by portable cans to a vessel within the marine property.  Vessels or portable cans must ALL be filled at the fuel dock in accordance with the Fuel Handling Act and our marina procedures. This is important, we have noticed many transporting gasoline into the marina.  We provide the gas dock service for all customers.  Please be respectful of this policy.


We look forward to welcoming you back to a warm sunny summer on Georgian Bay!