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2020 A year like NO other!


Usually our newsletter begins recapping the season—a recap can not accurately illustrate this past spring, summer or fall.  2020 has been a year like NO other. 

This year we all had to navigate rough waters due to the threat of COVID-19.  Unfortunately as numbers ramp up again, we are faced with more white caps. 

Although we operated differently this year, it was so great to see you, your families and friends from a distance. Catching up on life was more difficult but we were thankful to everyone for keeping each other safe and respecting our new safety procedures.  We also feel sad that many were not able to enjoy cottage country this season—and can’t wait until next spring.

Winter storage season is here, and the weather has begun to turn nasty.  Please let us know when you will be done with your boat so we can put it away for the season. 


Winter work?

If you require any work to be completed over the winter, prop rebuild, seats or top repair, please let us know so we may have the work complete for next season.


Unclaimed trailers?  Do they belong to you???

This year we asked customers to please take a second and identify if you had a trailer in our guest parking lot.  Thank you for doing so.  We will now begin the process to dispose or sell any unclaimed trailers.  Our fee to store a trailer for the season is $200. 


New invoicing system:
Your September statement is included in this mailing.  Your winter storage invoice will follow in October on a separate statement.  Please be sure to e-transfer the funds to    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for your winter storage rather than pay with your credit card to avoid an additional 2% charge. 


See you next Spring!

Thank you for your continued business over the years and a warm welcome to our new customers that have recently joined our marina family.  It truly is so nice to get to know each of you, your family, friends and guests.

If we missed you and didn’t have a chance to say goodbye, we hope you have a wonderful, safe, and healthy holiday season.

Stay positive.  Stay safe.  Stay healthy.