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Happy Spring 2019

The sun is shining...HAPPY SPRING!!!

With the onset of spring, boating season is around the corner.  Our phones have been busy with boaters anticipating “ice-out”.  Although the ice was very thick this year, when it goes, it will go quick, and we are preparing to launch boats in the next few weeks.

Please be mindful of our Spring Launching Policy and give us at least two week’s notice to prepare your boat for the season.  If you require extra work done to your boat, please give us a call.

SAFETY CHECK – Each year our staff perform a Safety Check to ensure you comply with the required safety gear.  Flares are the most commonly outdated item as they expire every 3 years.  If needed, we will replace and dispose of your old ones.  A “safety check list” is available at the office, for any other boats you have.

YOUR CHILDREN – We love seeing them, watching their smiling faces when they are headed to the boat!  Please do not leave your children unattended on the marina grounds or docks.  Ensure they are wearing life jackets at all times.  Please be safe at the marina.

YOUR ANIMALS – Please POOP & SCOOP—enough said!

MARINE ACCESSORIES & WATER TOYS - Our Sea Value Program continues to be popular and is very competitively priced.  Upon your arrival you will find out catalog in your boat, let us know if there is anything you require.  An online version is available at www.ParrySoundMarine.com.  Call or fill in the order form for next day delivery. 

GARBABE PROGRAM – this OPT-IN program is available 24\7 for customers who choose to join.  The cost is $95 for the season (billed in the fall). Contact the office to sign up. We have many furry friends that frequent our “bear safe” bins – please respect the safety of others and do not dispose of garbage outside of the bins or in any other part of the marina.   

CAR PARKING – just a reminder each boat slip includes ONE parking spot in our lower level.  Should you have guests, a parking pass MUST be purchased in advance for $10 from the office and displayed.  Guest parking is located on the hill behind our Marine Store.  You may also purchase an additional vehicle pass for $145 per season that can be used interchangeably.  Thank you for your understanding

PAYMENT – payment types

       *  E-transfer: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Cash, Credit Card or Cheque

Automatic Credit card – Monthly statements are mailed at the beginning of the month and the transaction will take place on the 15th.   Please call with any questions before the 15th.  Sign up for this payment method through the office.

*  Payment is required within 30 days. Overdue accounts will be charged 1.5% per month.

INSURANCE  – Please provide a copy of your annual insurance renewal to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

BOAT TRAILER STORAGE – We have noticed many unidentified trailers in our yard.  Please pop into the office to identify these if they belong to you.  Any who wish to store a trailer may do so for a fee depending on space.  Any trailers deemed abandoned at the end of the season shall be appropriated by the marina.


Welcome back!  We look forward to seeing you and hearing about your winter adventures!  


                Rudy & Christine, Kelly &Mike                                                                                                                                                                       & the Staff  at Parry Sound Marine!