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Spring has sprung...boating season is finally here!!!

As the weather warms up, the ice is slowly moving out of the harbour and the much anticipated Spring Launch will begin.  After the last couple of years, I am sure we are all looking forward to a beautiful summer. 

We have already heard from many regarding your Spring Launch date.  If you haven’t done so and know when you will be heading our way, please give us a call at least two weeks prior to prepare your boat for the season. As you can imagine, with over 300 boats to launch, advance notice is greatly appreciated.  If you require extra work to be done to your boat, please ensure you let us know prior to launch.

GARBAGE PROGRAM –  We have two “bear safe” bins located near the ramp for your convenience.  We do have the occasional furry friend around the marina, please be courteous and not dispose of garbage in any other part of the marina.  The cost to join the program is $125 per season.  Please contact the office to join this program. 

SAFETY CHECK – Upon launching your boat, our staff will perform a seasonal safety check to ensure all of the required safety gear is on board.  Be aware that flares expire every three years, and if needed we will replace and dispose of the old.  Many chose to bring their safety gear home over the winter, please let us know if this is the case to avoid replacement.  

MARINE ACCESSORIES & WATER TOYS - Please keep an eye out for our marine catalog that will be placed in your boat upon launch. Most items in the catalog are available with next day delivery including marine accessories, water toys and other equipment.  Please call or email with your requests.  

PARKING – Every dock slip includes one parking spot for your vehicle.  You will find this pass in your summer dockage invoice package.  This pass is transferable to any vehicle in your family.  Additional vehicles (second family vehicles or guests) must register at the office for a parking pass and park in our guest parking lot (on the hill behind the marine store).  It is your responsibility to ensure all guests are registered with the office.  If your guests will be arriving after hours, a pass can be purchased in advance and will be left in our mail box for pick up. 

You may also purchase an additional seasonal parking pass for a cost of $180.00 per year.

***Please be slow and cautious driving through the marina, there are children, pets and equipment in unexpected places.

PAYMENT – we accept a number of forms of payment, cash, credit card, cheque or email money transfer to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  We prefer dockage to be paid through an e-transfer.  Over the summer months, if you would like to pay your statement automatically via credit card, please see Kelly to sign up.  The transaction will take place on the 15th.   Payment is required within 30 days. Overdue accounts will be charged 1.5% per month.

INSURANCE & EXTRA KEY –  The marina does not provide insurance on your vessel.  Please provide a copy of your annual insurance renewal to the office.  In addition, don’t forget to leave us a second key for our key board.  Its handy to have a back up in case you forget your keys (it happens more than you think!), you require fuel or should you require service on your boat.

CLEAN MARINE – We are proud to be a part of Boating Ontario’s Clean Marine Program.  We take pride in the use of Environmental Best Practices in our daily activities.  We would encourage our customers to use environmentally friendly cleaning products, perform regular boat maintenance, and minimize contaminants to the water and ground.  Please note that under no circumstances is gasoline to be transported by use of portable cans to a vessel within the marine property.  Vessels or portable cans must ALL be filled at the fuel dock in accordance with the Fuel Handling Act and our marina procedures. Please be respectful of this policy.


We look forward to welcoming you back to a warm sunny summer on Georgian Bayl! 



Normal...new Normal???

Although we had to do some stick handling at the start of the season due to COVID, our season, although a little different went off without a hitch.  It was so nice to welcome back all of our families, and welcome our families south of the border in August.  We had a lot of catching up to do, and it was nice to hear so many positive stories. 

Thank you all for respecting all of our safety protocols, it seems we are all pros at this now. 

We have had a beautiful fall season so far, but winter is fast approaching.  Most of the boats are now put away for the season, we thank you for keeping us in the loop on when you are finished. 

If you require any work to be completed over the winter, prop rebuild, seats or top repair, please let us know so we may have the work complete for next season.

We still have many unclaimed trailers in our upper parking lot.  They take up a considerable amount of parking space during the season.  If you do own a trailer, please identify it.  We have begun the process of disposing and selling unclaimed trailers.  Our fee to store a trailer for the season is $200. 

Thank you for providing email addresses to the office.  If you still haven’t sent your email address, please do so for billing. 


Again we ask that Winter Storage be paid via e-transfer to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  rather than pay with your credit card to avoid an additional 2% charge. 


As your insurance renewals come in, please don’t forget to send a copy our way for our files.  Not only will it ensure your vessel is protected, it also protects you against potential liability.

Thank you for your continued business over the season.  We welcomed many new customers this past year as well, it was so nice to grow our marina family.  We truly enjoy getting to know each of you, your family, friends and guests.

If we missed you and didn’t have a chance to say goodbye, we hope you have a wonderful, safe, and healthy holiday season.

Stay positive.  Stay safe.  Stay healthy.


For over 65 years, Parry Sound Marine has been a full service, family operated marina offering dockage, storage, marine supplies and marine mechanical services.  We pride ourselves in our friendly, customer-based service and make every unique boating experience complete.

As a busy marina in the Harbour, we offer a fun & fast paced environment and are looking for a hard-working and dedicated marine mechanic to join our team.  This individual will work on a variety of marine watercraft with inboard and outboard engines. 



Marine experience on gas engines (inboard and outboard), marine electronics and all boat systems including water, electrical and related equipment.

Ability to diagnose mechanical problems and repair them.

Perform scheduled maintenance, inspections, engine tune-ups, safety checks, summarization and winterization.

Use diagnostic tools to isolate faults, make adjustments and replace parts.

Prepares all boats and their equipment for use prior to customers arrival.

Hardworking, dedicated and positive attitude with strong attention to detail.  Must have the ability to work independently, multi-task and meet deadlines. 



Marine mechanic certification or marine mechanic apprentice.

Sound knowledge of small engines and shop related equipment an asset.

Knowledge or willingness to learn electronic diagnostics software.

Valid drivers license & Pleasure Craft Operators Card.

Operation of a fork lift an asset

Able to thrive in a fast-paced environment


We are willing to apprentice the right individual and provide training and certification opportunities, but mechanical experience with auto or marine is essential.


Job: Full time, seasonal position between March and December, with potential for hours year round.  Willing to discuss options.

Salary: $20 - $27 per hour


Please send a resume and your qualifications to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or drop in at 51 Great North Road in Parry Sound.


Most of us are following along trying to decipher the rules!!!  We are right with you.

At this point in time, we are able to launch your vessel if you have a place of residence on the Bay and require access.  Should you wish to head to your cottage, please give us the usual two week notice to prepare your boat.  

Our fuel dock is open - if you have a legitimate reason to require fuel.  Please respect our fuel guidelines that are posted on our dock.  For the safety of our staff, and for your own safety, please adhere to the following:

- dock your boat and secure it to the dock (unfortunately our staff are not able to assist at this time)

- open your fuel tank and exit your boat to the parking lot off the main dock.

- if you don't mind, for safety reasons our staff will wear their masks outside when fueling, we are hoping you will as well.

- when you enter our store to pay, please wear your mask and sanitize your hands before entering.  (there is a 2 person limit in our store at once - if there are more people in your family just let us know!)

- please remember to keep a healthy distance while on the property.


Thank you for working together with us!  We sincerely appreciate all of your sacrifices so we can all operate safely and get back to some sense of normalcy.


The beautiful weather is finally here, and we are looking forward to a MUCH NEEDED SUMMER!!!  Can't wait to see you.


BE SAFE                BE WELL                BE KIND